Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Slumber Party

Pocket Edward and I had a fun night with my cousin, Tianee, and her friends on Saturday night. Here's a recap of what went on as told by Pocket Edward himself.
When we pulled up Tianee's house, I was relieved to see the mountains and the vegetation. If I needed an escape, it wouldn't be too hard to be unnoticeable.

Tianee's friends were very welcoming, although one of them is on Team Jacob.

We played a bunch of games, and the girls giggled a lot. (Tianee is the one in the green on the right)

Here is a picture of me starting out a round of a game called "elevator." There is a designated elevator space and one at a time, each person pretends to step into the elevator then does a type of body movement or says something, and everyone that is already "in" the elevator copies what the newest occupant.

Here is Andrew (Tianee's cousin) copying me.

It was a very entertaining night. Even little Jordan had fun hanging out with the girls.

Why is it that the ladies just can't keep their hands off of me???

By the time the girls laid down for bed (3:45am), their blood became too much to handle. I believe it was from the adrenalin running through their veins, it made their blood mouth watering. I said good night to Jamee and the rest of the girls.

Then I made my way out the window and into the mountains.
Jamee, Linda, and I already had it planned, that if it were to become too much for me, I would run to Linda's house. I was greeted with a warm welcoming being that it was my first time to her home.
-Pocket Edward

Come back in a few days to hear about Edward's stay at Linda's house!


  1. He's on his way? OMG - I still have to get his lei ready! I wonder if he's bringing anything for me ...

    Looks like you all had a fun time! I hope Edward doesn't feel too uncomfortable in my home. I think my son is on Team Jacob ...

    Stay tuned ...

  2. So glad Edward and Jamee had a great time! :)

  3. Looks like Edward and Jamee had a fun night at her cousin's.

    Hey Linda, you'd better get that lei ready for him. If I recall, Edward is the fastest runner on the baseball team. And, he can climb trees fast spider monkey.

  4. Did you guys behave when the lights went out??

  5. Such an awesome story! So glad you had lots of fun with the girls!
    Jodi =)