Thursday, August 20, 2009

My day with the Ladies

This past Saturday, I attended a crafting social that Teri organized. Jamee, Linda, and Jodi were there as well. Jamee even has a special pocket for me in her craft bag.
When Jamee and I arrived, Kyoko and Linda were already there. I decided to help Kyoko at the check in table. I helped her hand out name tags and goodie bags.
Teri needed help coloring some images so I decided to use my new found talent and help Linda and Denise.

When Jodi arrived, I helped her sell some crafting supplies.

I even helped to sell some scrabooking paper.

Here is one of the machines that the ladies used to make some cards.

There were so many things being sold at the event, right down to beads.

With all that scent of fresh, warm, human blood flowing around the place, the burn in my throat became unbearable.

I am so ashamed, I had a little mishap...

Now come on, you really believed that? I'm Edward, I would never do something as sick and unfathomable as to detour from my vegetarian lifestyle. I found a few mountain lions, and that took care of the intense burn.

I always wondered why these ladies go crazy over chocolate. They smelled a bit funny, but I was curious.
Now I know why children aren't allowed to eat candy in large quantities. I don't think vampires should either! Sugar doesn't mix well with my venom. I just wish this thing went faster, it was way to slow for my taste.

That sugar even had me seeing double. I think. Or was that a magazine? I'm not too sure. That candy sure did have a major effect on me!
Until next time, What I want and need is to be with you... (New Moon, pg. 513)


  1. OME! This has got to be the best post yet! I LOVE YOU POCKET EDWARD!!!

  2. Thanks for helping us color those images Edward...and thank you also for not attacking Nicki & Dawne!!

  3. Edward you are so kind! Nice job with the copics :)

  4. OMLV! LOL! LOVE the red dew drops!!!

  5. Uhh Edward, thank you for finding those lions so that you didn't take out one of us. You sure were busy getting to know all of the ladies & helping out with coloring. You must be quite the Copic expert.

  6. OMG, you are now one of the ladies...

  7. LOLOL! You ladies are a riot! Your blog is truly one of the highlights of my day when I check in ........ he is adorable and I love how he gets to go everywhere with you :)