Friday, August 28, 2009


I was relaxing in Jamee's room the other night when she was crafting. I had been hunting all day, so I figured that I would not have to worry.

I sure am glad that I hunted, because I got a whiff of warm, sweet smelling blood. I got to Jamee within 2 seconds of her stabbing her finger. Her scissors were a bit sticky from cutting strips of adhesive, so she was cleaning it with an eraser. Her hand slipped and the scissors stabbed her.

The scent of her blood was mouthwatering to say the least...
STOP! I know what you're thinking-literally. You're underestimating my self control. I did not do anything to hurt her. I would have to go to the Volturi if I did not have Jamee around! I helped her bandage up her finger and everything was ok. I even spent the night!
Be sure to check out Jamee's blog, she has a special announcement up that has to do with me and the pup.


  1. Hope you're okay Jamee ;)
    I'm sure that lil Edward helped you out!!!

  2. Glad to see that Jamee didn't get devoured!

  3. So glad to know Jamee is fine :)

  4. Thanks goodness you hunted earlier! But I have faith in your ability to abstain from our tempting blood ...

  5. I'm so glad that you took good care of Jamee and that he hunted earlier in the day. =)