Friday, August 7, 2009

My Creative Side

I headed back to Jamee's house yesterday and decided to show her what Linda taught me while I was at her place. Linda and Jamee are really into crafts and this past week I learned a few things.
Linda loves her copics and showed me how to use them. So I tried my luck at it.
I believe I did very well considering it was my first time using the pens. Mmmm, if only the grizzly bear was real.

I wanted to use some buttons for my card. Jamee and her mom has quite a few to choose from.

I had a little mishap with the buttons.

Until next time, Be safe.
-Pocket Edward


  1. Hey Edward! I was wondering where you went! I should have known you were back at Jamee's. Don't forget you also need to visit Jodi one of these days, ok? Feel free to stay at Jamee's over the weekend, as I'll be really busy with family stuff.

    Uh oh - I hope you're alright - that looked like a big mishap with the buttons. Poor thing! See you soon! xoxo, Linda

  2. No wonder I had to go to WalMart last night to buy more buttons!! Edward has been in one of my button containers!!

  3. Nice job with the copics Edward! :)

  4. Awwwww.....what a cute blog!

  5. so funny love edward!

    Keep up the good work girls really brightens my day just starting NEW MOON again in prep for the film being released in Nov. in UK so excited!!!!

    Love Dawn xx

  6. Pocket Edward fell in the buttons container?? I thought that he was so agile and light on his feet. Bella is the clumsy one. Hmmm...must be contagious. Ha-ha!

  7. Edward, that button mishap looked awful. Hope you'll be safe next time. Yeah you gotta head on over to my place soon!! Love your coloring, and I think it'll be time for you to hunt soon.
    Jodi =)