Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday "Twi"lights

I started the day off by going with Jamee this morning to her skills check for nursing school. It was a good thing there was no blood involved. Here I am figuring out a way to put on sterile gloves that are obviously too big for my ice cold hands.
The ladies just couldn't keep their hands off of me.

That afternoon, I went with Jamee and her mom to the 2009 New Food and Product Show at the Blaisdel. We met up with Linda and Janis. Our main reason for going was this, the All Things Twilight Expo. There was even a petition to get the Esme Island scenes from Breaking Dawn to be filmed here in Hawaii.

We met a lady who has by far the most Twilight items that I have ever seen. I wouldn't mind driving a car like this... just as long as it goes really fast of course.

There were t-shirts, bags, and jewlery. Twilight was playing on 3 flat screens. Jamee and Linda were going crazy with everything. For me, it was a bit strange to see my face everywhere.
However, I am glad that people don't see me as being a monster.
I really feel like I belong here in Hawaii and I am happy that people here have accepted me for what I am.
Until next time, Be Safe.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Time for some baseball...

Monday, September 14, 2009


It's been a while since I last hunted, and I was getting pretty ravenous. While I was out looking for some unsuspecting animal, I ran into this dude named "Jack".
He told me he was also "hunting". Yeah, right Jack. Hunting with a golf club? What kind of damage are you gonna do with that? Anyway, he told me he needed some bacon for a new sandwich he's creating at his restaurant. Seems he's the owner of a chain of fast food joints around the United States. Hmm, never heard of him. Jack asked me what I was doing and I told him I was also on the hunt. He said he saw a pig in the bushes and was headed back out to get him. Jack said that I was more than welcome to join him on his hunt for the pig. I was considering taking him up on his offer, but then remembered that my girl, Linda, loves pigs! She has a rather large collection of pigs ... ceramic, stuffed, keychains, frames, you name it, she probably has it. Since Linda was my hostess, I didn't feel right about killing a pig. I went to find Jack to let him know that I wasn't joining him. I found him just as he was about to deliver the fatal blow with his golf club and told him that he shouldn't kill the pig, and that I would get him the bacon he so desperately needed.

Jack agreed so I ran back to Linda's place and grabbed the frozen bacon I found in her freezer. He'll never know where I got it from.
After giving the bacon to Jack, he thanked me and said that if I was ever in need of a fast food meal, to please look him up and he would take care of me. Uh, yeah, dude. Thanks. After rescuing Piggy, I decided to give him to Linda.
She was so very happy to get him that she gave me lots of hugs and kisses. That put me over the top. Being so close to fresh human blood and not being able to have it made me jump on the next animal I came in contact with ...

A donkey and a kangaroo dressed up as a tiger? Are you kidding me? Well, they both looked so tasty I couldn't decide ... but the kangaroo did have a little more meat on him, so I dove in and satisfied my craving ...

Ahhhh. Finally. Satisfied. For now ...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


After checking out that awful fire, I needed to get some peace and quiet so I headed back to Linda's place. So much for peace and quiet. What did I hear all night long? Ribbit, croak, ribbit, croak. It made me crazy! What made it worse was I knew what he was thinking! He was hungry, just like me. It's been a while since I last hunted, but I'll be doing that soon. If this frog was making me crazy, I can only imagine how Linda and her family must've felt! I felt sorry for the guy, so I decided to help him hunt for some bugs.

Apparently, here in Hawaii, there are these huge cockroaches the locals call "B-52s". They fly and chase you if you try to kill them! Eeewww! I mean, watch out roach! I'm coming for you!

Well, after I caught that bugger and gave him to Mr. Frogger, I needed to make a quick escape because it was creeping me out. I know, I shouldn't be so scared of a little roach, but yuck! That one was gross! I decided to slide down the railing instead of using my lightning fast running.

Ahhh, I made it. Now on to the hunt ...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Careless Vampires

There's a fire out in Waipio burning. Firefighters had it under control but it sparked back up again. Investigators do not know what the cause of it is, but I do.

Some careless vampires did not contain their fire when they destroyed one of our kind.
The freeway was shut down going North on H1 and the traffic was unbearable.
What is a vampire to do in traffic like that? I'm glad that Jamee, her mom, and I were going in the opposite direction!
Until next time, to you vampires out there-control your flames, and to you humans- be safe.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Saturday's Happenings

This past weekend, I went with Jamee and her mom to a craft get together with the Glama Girls. There were craft items to purchase and I assisted in helping the ladies shop.

There were also projects to work on. You may have thought that Bella had a hard time finding our Meadow without Jacob during New Moon, I had an even harder time manuvering through the craft supplies.

The ladies were seperated into two groups and they had a Bejeweled faceoff. Jamee's team won.

There was a lot of food. I helped Jamee make her plate. Since she is on a "special diet," I got her some broccoli.

Jamee also taught me how to use chopsticks. Of course I won't be using chopsticks when I go hunting, but at least I can say I know how to use them.

Have a nice long weekend.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I was relaxing in Jamee's room the other night when she was crafting. I had been hunting all day, so I figured that I would not have to worry.

I sure am glad that I hunted, because I got a whiff of warm, sweet smelling blood. I got to Jamee within 2 seconds of her stabbing her finger. Her scissors were a bit sticky from cutting strips of adhesive, so she was cleaning it with an eraser. Her hand slipped and the scissors stabbed her.

The scent of her blood was mouthwatering to say the least...
STOP! I know what you're thinking-literally. You're underestimating my self control. I did not do anything to hurt her. I would have to go to the Volturi if I did not have Jamee around! I helped her bandage up her finger and everything was ok. I even spent the night!
Be sure to check out Jamee's blog, she has a special announcement up that has to do with me and the pup.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Hills Are Alive!!

One of the highlights of my day at the Summer Social was meeting Jen, and Jodi was right she is a riot! Linda had greeted me with a traditional maile lei and I learned that is the proper Hawaiian greeting but I was caught off guard with the way Jen greeted me. All I could remember was the way those mountains moved! I know I'm strong but never realized how much!! LOL!
Due to my shock, she felt bad and shook my hand. Between eating all those chocolate candies and this I had to rest my body. I must get back to help Jodi create, see you soon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My day with the Ladies

This past Saturday, I attended a crafting social that Teri organized. Jamee, Linda, and Jodi were there as well. Jamee even has a special pocket for me in her craft bag.
When Jamee and I arrived, Kyoko and Linda were already there. I decided to help Kyoko at the check in table. I helped her hand out name tags and goodie bags.
Teri needed help coloring some images so I decided to use my new found talent and help Linda and Denise.

When Jodi arrived, I helped her sell some crafting supplies.

I even helped to sell some scrabooking paper.

Here is one of the machines that the ladies used to make some cards.

There were so many things being sold at the event, right down to beads.

With all that scent of fresh, warm, human blood flowing around the place, the burn in my throat became unbearable.

I am so ashamed, I had a little mishap...

Now come on, you really believed that? I'm Edward, I would never do something as sick and unfathomable as to detour from my vegetarian lifestyle. I found a few mountain lions, and that took care of the intense burn.

I always wondered why these ladies go crazy over chocolate. They smelled a bit funny, but I was curious.
Now I know why children aren't allowed to eat candy in large quantities. I don't think vampires should either! Sugar doesn't mix well with my venom. I just wish this thing went faster, it was way to slow for my taste.

That sugar even had me seeing double. I think. Or was that a magazine? I'm not too sure. That candy sure did have a major effect on me!
Until next time, What I want and need is to be with you... (New Moon, pg. 513)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Off to work

I finally got to meet Linda's BFF, Kyoko. She is such a sweet lady! No wonder Linda likes her so much! I think she was a little nervous about meeting me though, because as soon as she shook my hand, she said that she had to leave her office to do something. I waited and waited, but she never came back!

I decided that I was just going to have to wait for her, which is exactly what I did. She did eventually come back, and I think after spending some time with me, she finally felt comfortable being around me. She even let me hang around her office while she worked! Here I am, "staring" at Kyoko ...

Linda called Kyoko on the phone and said that she was lonely without me, so I headed back down to Linda's station. She was so happy to see me that she screamed! The people up and down the hall came out of their offices to see what the commotion was about but because I'm so quick and agile, I was able to hide under Linda's shelf. She explained that she thought she saw a giant roach, which she really, really hates, but it was nothing. They all went back to their offices, shaking their heads. I climbed up onto Linda's desk, where I stayed for the rest of the day, "staring" at her. She told me that made her very happy.

Being with Linda and Kyoko all day made me really thirsty. I desperately needed to hunt. Believe it or not, I found a zebra while roaming the streets of Honolulu. I am satisfied and content. For now.

I joined MY girls at a local summer social this past Saturday. One (or all) of them will be posting some crazy things that happened there. Until next time, think about this: If I could dream at all, it would be about you. And I’m not ashamed of it ...