Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh Well

Unfortunately, we will not be experiencing much of a tropical storm. It dissipated over night, so there will not be as much rain as originally forecasted. I was really looking forward to it. There is some rain, however, and that is nice.
I spent some time with Jamee and a few of her mother's daycare children in the patio listening to the rain.
I will be back in a few days.
-Pocket Edward


  1. Awww...couldn't Pocket Edward play baseball??? It's an American past time, you know. He looks like he's waiting for thunder...Muse should be starting about now...

  2. AWWH no base ball for you then! never mind the kids are so cute loving them

    can I have a longer episode please I look fwd to these lol xxx

    Love Dawn xx

  3. Edward called. He'll be with me shortly. Stay tuned.

  4. Oh, Pocket Edward called me too Linda, looks like he'll be here soon. =)