Wednesday, September 9, 2009


After checking out that awful fire, I needed to get some peace and quiet so I headed back to Linda's place. So much for peace and quiet. What did I hear all night long? Ribbit, croak, ribbit, croak. It made me crazy! What made it worse was I knew what he was thinking! He was hungry, just like me. It's been a while since I last hunted, but I'll be doing that soon. If this frog was making me crazy, I can only imagine how Linda and her family must've felt! I felt sorry for the guy, so I decided to help him hunt for some bugs.

Apparently, here in Hawaii, there are these huge cockroaches the locals call "B-52s". They fly and chase you if you try to kill them! Eeewww! I mean, watch out roach! I'm coming for you!

Well, after I caught that bugger and gave him to Mr. Frogger, I needed to make a quick escape because it was creeping me out. I know, I shouldn't be so scared of a little roach, but yuck! That one was gross! I decided to slide down the railing instead of using my lightning fast running.

Ahhh, I made it. Now on to the hunt ...


  1. I can't believe I missed so many episodes lol but oh what joy I had catching up on all yr exploites B4 you know it Edward you will be a crafting King along with the crafy Queens yr spending yr time with.

    Super fun girls love this blog don't know why I haven't been getting the notices but at least one came today see you soon

    Love Dawn xx

  2. Edward how nice of you to help the little frog. :)

  3. Edward, you are the true gentleman to help out a starving frog.

  4. Dam that roach looks so yummy, maybe I can dip him in chocolate!!

  5. i love it, ever since edwards been staying the night here i havent seen any huge roaches. i think im more afraid of roaches than i am of the volturi!

  6. Ewwww! We have them here in Miami, Too - huge things! I need an Edward to keep me safe from ours! Woohoo, way to protect her, Edward!