Sunday, September 6, 2009

Careless Vampires

There's a fire out in Waipio burning. Firefighters had it under control but it sparked back up again. Investigators do not know what the cause of it is, but I do.

Some careless vampires did not contain their fire when they destroyed one of our kind.
The freeway was shut down going North on H1 and the traffic was unbearable.
What is a vampire to do in traffic like that? I'm glad that Jamee, her mom, and I were going in the opposite direction!
Until next time, to you vampires out there-control your flames, and to you humans- be safe.


  1. Thanks for the warning Edward. You are so right. Humans have to totally control the flames. Guess that you couldn't go hunting in that area for awhile.

  2. Hey Edward, you're the one that stole my car!!

  3. LOLOL Thanks for keeping her safe and out of harms way of that fire! You're driving is pretty good - then again, we saw you doing some awesome driving in the silver Volvo!!