Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday "Twi"lights

I started the day off by going with Jamee this morning to her skills check for nursing school. It was a good thing there was no blood involved. Here I am figuring out a way to put on sterile gloves that are obviously too big for my ice cold hands.
The ladies just couldn't keep their hands off of me.

That afternoon, I went with Jamee and her mom to the 2009 New Food and Product Show at the Blaisdel. We met up with Linda and Janis. Our main reason for going was this, the All Things Twilight Expo. There was even a petition to get the Esme Island scenes from Breaking Dawn to be filmed here in Hawaii.

We met a lady who has by far the most Twilight items that I have ever seen. I wouldn't mind driving a car like this... just as long as it goes really fast of course.

There were t-shirts, bags, and jewlery. Twilight was playing on 3 flat screens. Jamee and Linda were going crazy with everything. For me, it was a bit strange to see my face everywhere.
However, I am glad that people don't see me as being a monster.
I really feel like I belong here in Hawaii and I am happy that people here have accepted me for what I am.
Until next time, Be Safe.


  1. Sooo awesome!! I would love for t to be filmed here. Were so glad that you are here in the islands. Looks like Jamee got you well involved with her at school.

  2. How tempting it must be with all that lab stuff at school! How weird was it to see your face over everyone's shirts? And, what did you think of lookalikes walking around?

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  4. Looks fantastic so much stuff I am suprised you wasn't mobed Edward

    Love Dawn xx